especially for Professionals, Academics and Students in Business, Law, Psychology and Science

All of our services are carried out bearing in mind the purpose for which you are creating your document:

  • We provide proofreading of English language texts, and specialise in the fields of business (including job application-related documents), law, psychology and science, in which we are qualified
    and have over 40 years' experience. 

  • We offer three optional add-on editing services, to complement the proofreading. 

  • We can also custom-write your document to help you to achieve your purpose.

Please contact us for further information and/or an estimate if you need your document:

  • to use the correct business, legal, psychological or scientific terminology; 

  • to be precise, accurate and clear; and

  • to communicate your message or achieve another purpose (e.g. improve job application documents),

  • optionally whilst complying with a required format or specified guidelines.




Correct Use of English Language

Correcting (US or UK English) as necessary:

  • punctuation and grammar;

  • mistaken capitalisation and spelling; 

  • use of English language; 

  • consistency of language and cross-referencing;

  • page and other numbering; and

  • typographical errors,

whilst retaining your style and tone.  Proofreading alone generally excludes making amendments classed as 'Editing'. 


Business Meeting

High Quality Text in Compliant Format

  1. Proofreading plus editing aimed at one or more of the following add-ons:

  2. High quality and reader/audience-appropriate text that clearly communicates your desired message and helps to achieve your purpose for the document.

  3. Compliance of references/citations with your required standard, e.g. APA, OSCOLA, etc.

  4. Conformity to publisher's or organisation's style guidelines.


Business Meeting

Expertly Drafted Documents

  • Specialised fields:  within our experience and qualifications in the fields of business (including commerce), law, psychology (including psychoanalysis) and science (especially chemistry and biology), we can provide high quality text, based on your brief and/or research.

  • Specialised documents: e.g. in the form of advertising or marketing content or copy, or a formal report, paper, article, brochure, patent or other specification, case study, C.V., job application, or other document.