experienced, qualified, professional and purposive

At Purposive Text, we understand that your documents are written with an end in mind, i.e. a purpose.  We therefore only accept work for which we are sufficiently qualified and experienced to help you achieve this.

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JULIE BARRETT (Principal, Owner)

Julie Barrett has over 40 years' experience in science and technology, especially in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and other chemical and biochemical areas.  Her first degree combined a study of chemistry with business.  Julie's career has been spent mainly in intellectual property (she is a Chartered & European Patent Attorney) in a wide variety of commercial organisations, including as DIrector of Intellectual Property and R&D lead team member of a multinational pharmaceuticals company.  

Additionally, Julie's interest in both use of language/writing skills and psychology led her to take on other roles, e.g. in academia, as Academic Skills/English Language Tutor at the University of Essex and as proofreader for the Journal of Analytical Psychology.  After gaining an MA in Jungian & Post-Jungian studies, Julie returned to IP law, this time in private practice, where she was deeply involved in writing articles, explanatory booklets, marketing copy and the like, as well as in technical and scientific writing and editing of patent specifications.

Julie now feels it is time to put her writing skills and and other experience to use in pursuit of assisting others to achieve their own goals and purposes, so left private practice in 2019 to set up a consultancy.   She is particularly keen to support those from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds to achieve excellence in their written output.  For example, Julie provides pro bono mentoring to students to enable them to improve and tailor their CVs and covering letters for specific job or placement applications.  Further information is on Julie's LinkedIn page or contact her at Julie.Barrett@PurposiveText.co.uk.

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LIZ BARRETT (General Law Consultant)

Liz Barrett has a degree in Law from King's College, London, where she won the prestigious Jelf Medal, and gained a distinction in the BPC's Legal Practice Course before taking up a training contract with a well-known London law firm. 

Prior to these studies, Liz had experience in the financial sector, particularly in the areas of GDPR and HR, where she also gained a foundation certificate in investment from the CFA Institute.  Afterwards, she spent some time in a tech company applying artificial intelligence/machine learning to legal/financial operations.  In addition, Liz has taken part in criminal and civil cases in both barristers' chambers and city law firms, experiencing a variety of issues and related documentation.

Liz has been writing and editing for some years on her own publications, such as the popular Silks And The City blog (supporting success in legal life), and is also regularly asked to contribute content and articles to others'.  This has included contributing to and proofreading academic articles and books.  She is well-known for her organisational and administrative skills, and her accuracy and clarity in communicating and documenting relevant information.

Further information is on Liz's LinkedIn page or contact her at Liz.Barrett@PurposiveText.co.uk.